A song evening about fears in Swedish with Finnish, English, Russian and Arabic elements.

SKRAJ –playful, warm and full of humanity

As long as we are sovereign and self-sufficient, we need no one else. But vulnerability leads us to what we need the most – each other.

26.9, 14:00 Vindängen, Tapiola, Espoo
30.9, 18:00 Helinä Rautavaaran Museo, Espoo keskus
6.10, 18:00 Uusi Paviljonki, Kauniainen
16.10, 12:00 Pikku Aurora, Järvenperä, Espoo
20.11, 16:00 &  18:00 Theater Taimine, Tapiola, Espoo

Reservations: 040 685 39 39

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